Well Hello There...

AGE: 30’s
HEIGHT: 5ft’4
DRESS: S / UK 8 / US 4
SHOES: UK 4.5 / Europe 38 / US 6.5

I am so happy that you have found me! I have a feeling you that you and I are going to get along splendidly. Now where shall we begin? I grew up in Kent and went to University in Cambridge.

Someone once said ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford’. I am so blessed to lead the life that I do. I actively pursue a life of pleasure and am sensually self-indulgent. In London I have found all this and more; Michelin Star restaurants, legendary Galleries & Museums, The West End and a season which is peppered with exciting events. Things I most enjoy attending: Royal Ascot, Christie’s, The Arts Club and long weekends away in the country. My passport is heavily stamped and I am happy to be whisked away with a little bit of notice.

Time is precious. We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, richly and with wild abandon. I choose to spend mine selectively. I keep my circle small. I take great pleasure in getting to know gentlemen who are intelligent, generous and discerning. If you desire grace, charm and sex appeal, we are well on our way to creating something rather heavenly.

Photo Shoots








OVERNIGHT:  14 HOURS – £3,600

24 HOURS: £4,000


FMTY: Bespoke





OVERNIGHT: 14 HOURS – $5,000

24 HOURS: $7,000


FMTY: Bespoke

*Couples please add 500. For exclusive arrangements please contact me. I require a 30% deposit to secure a booking, and a 50% deposit in good faith for a travel get away.

FMTY: I will book my flight and include that in my rate.

Due to my very limited availability, and general preference, longer dates, including overnight and travel dates will be given priority. My time is valuable, as is yours – I find great pleasure in meeting men and women whom I genuinely connect with, therefore I am especially selective. I have a suspicion we may have this in common.



To book a date I require a 30% deposit in advance for London engagements, and a 50% deposits for FMTY. My assistant shall send you the details when you fill out the booking form.


Cancellation Policy

72 hours notice – 50% deposit requirement for future dates.

24 hours or less – 25% cancellation fee

If I’ve taken a deposit, and I have to cancel I will of course return it in full immediately.


I prefer dates that begin in public & unfold naturally. Longer dates are my preference as it allows for a deeper connection.

Patronage should be made available at the beginning of our meeting. It can be placed in an unsealed envelope, or a gift bag.

Patronage is listed and not up for negotiation. If you’d like to extend the date past the arranged time, just ask.

Interview with Alice

I find people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. I’m an experience to be savored. So, given my background, who is this Kiera Knightly on the road less travelled? 

Describe yourself…

I’ve been told that I’m elegant, charming and kind. I’ve also heard that I come across as genuine, a sense of humor included. I laugh with ease, one of my joys, and my wit is keen. But best you find out for yourself.

I was brought up in a Manor House in the English countryside and attended a private and prestigious all-girls boarding school. While my upbringing is old fashioned,  which I’m proud of, I have a rebellious streak that would make Jane Austin blush.

How do you view this experience?

I see my pursuit as something beautiful. Giving people pleasure by inviting you into my world. I’m here to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. To make you feel truly alive.

I value genuine conversation and generosity. I’m the sort of women with whom you can be entirely yourself whilst we revel in our deepest desires. I take you as you are, no matter how you look, no matter how bad the day. I do not judge. I don’t impose expectations.

I aim to be a confidant in the best sense, someone who enhances your life. Someone who brings you deep and meaningful pleasure.

What do you do in your spare time?

I regularly take part in competitive Eventing with my best friend, my horse Winston. I also like skiing, tennis and scuba diving. I ski in France whenever possible, and head to the Caribbean to indulge my diving addiction.

I earned a Masters in Art History from Cambridge. As a scholar, I’m no stranger to deep thought. But, that same deep thought comes with laughter and mirth.

I read voraciously (if a Manor contains a Library, you read books) and travel often. This life I’ve chosen enables me to grow as a woman while exploring my passions, whatever form they take.

My mornings are spent reading the “The Times” with a cup of Italian coffee.

Why this work choice? 

Because I love it. It has enabled me to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. I fill my time with what makes me happy. And I’ve been blessed to meet some remarkable people along the way. It’s a good life being a lady of leisure. How lucky am I?

Where would you like to be taken on a date?

If you can’t decide, I can help. I can be your personal concierge and we can see if our tastes match. But if you wish to make the arrangements, please be my guest. I like surprises.

I see you travel a lot. Can we go away together?

As your personal Bond girl, a life of adventure ours for the taking. Where shall we start? Skiing in Switzerland, Scuba diving in the Seychelles, or on Safari in South Africa? Perhaps, something more refined, like wine tasting in Tuscany, a stroll through art galleries in Paris, or yachting off the coast of Capri. You name it, I’m in!

I have traveled extensively, both in luxury and to remote corners of the globe, far off the beaten track. A very dear friend is a travel writer for Condé Nast and the “New York Times.” I’ve had the good fortune to join her globetrotting.

I have a public Twitter account, Instagram and OnlyFans that I invite you to browse. I love documenting my adventures. One of the best things about being away together is lounging in bed as long as we please whilst reveling in each other’s company. Getting lost in our own little paradise that we create.

Can I buy you a gift?

I have always believed that wishing is essential to living. Below are a few of my favorite things on my NET-A-PORTER Wish List. My favorite flowers are roses, orchids and peonies. My book list can be found here. For a little indulgence, I enjoy going to The Spa at Bulgari or The Ned. Perhaps we could have a couples massage? Gifts are always appreciated but never expected.


As your personal concierge I have created my little black book of date ideas. It is constantly evolving depending on my mood. If you like to be in control, I am more than happy to let you take the lead.


I appreciate the artistry of fine dining, and must confess to being an oyster connoisseur. I take cookery classes whenever possible as I love rustling up an intimate dinner party.


I love nothing better than a beautiful Champagne Cocktail or a Martini. Perhaps we can get to know one another over drinks.


As a self confessed culture buff, I adore Film, Theatre, Ballet and Opera. I am someone who is always reading a book, perusing an Art Gallery or wandering around a Museum. I also love nothing more than taking a course to expand my knowledge and expertise in a particular interest. Christie’s is a particular favourite of mine.


I have had the good fortune to have stayed at some of the world’s top hotels. My best friend is a travel writer for Conde Nast and we often take trips to breathtaking places. How lucky am I? Care to join me next time? Here are a few of my London favourites.


Having acquired a taste for shopping since living in London, I am partial to some Haute Couture. I am also a fan of The Spa. Couples massages with wine can be arranged for us both to enjoy!

Let's Meet!

So here comes my favorite part. You’ve read all about me and now it’s my turn to learn about you. Feeling that sort of nervous excitement? Don’t worry, I am too! Reach out, tell me a little bit about yourself and let’s set up a time to meet.

Screening is mandatory during the booking process. I take your discretion and my own very seriously. You must include the following in your booking form:

  1. Your legal name & phone number.
  2. A photo of you or a link to your LinkedIn page.
  3. The names, websites, & e-mail addresses of two references you’ve recently seen, who can vouch for your gentlemanly behavior. If you don’t have references, please request to be screened through employment verification. This will entail sending an email from your company account.

For public figures, I am willing to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement. Please send this information to me at aspreyalice@gmail.com

I can’t wait to hear from you, I have this feeling that you and I are going to get along splendidly!